Romans 13 A few thoughts on governmental authority

5 thoughts on “Romans 13 A few thoughts on governmental authority”

  1. It has always baffled me on the (il)logic of how one human or group thereof can justify ruling over others, as they also are mere human. Any study of history quickly proves [fact] that hierarchy over others is saturated in fake, self-imposed superiority.
    Even America’s “forefathers.” Who seriously cared what constitution they dreamt up? Who were they to proclaim one? And what “right” did they have to enforce it?
    NO ONE has the right to rule, except the Creator. And He doesn’t “appoint” little gods to rule under Him.

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  2. The whole statist “Christian” Romans 13 argument literally demolishes itself the minute one nation goes to war with another. That is what really did it for me personally. If the US is fighting some other country no matter how evil an empire it is we are literally fighting God according to proponents of this type of theology that seeks to affirm every leader as a godsend.


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