Meet the new gods just like the old gods

2 thoughts on “Meet the new gods just like the old gods”

  1. Hey Anti-sophist, I appreciate all the great points that you make here. The few times I have preached against the State in my previous pastorate (but before my anarchist awakening), I acknowledged that too many Christians saw the State and especially its politicians as their Savior and not Jesus. I think it might be good to get a collection of quotes from all the current candidates where they acknowledge how they are the savior not just of Christians but all Americans, maybe even the world.

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  2. That would be an all encompassing library of quotes JA. They seem to never stop pontificating on how great they are, how much we need them, and how lost we would be without them, how all we need to do is trust them and they will make everything good,safe, and prosperous. The very architecture of the state requires that they build themselves up as the new priestly class, not to be questioned at any time for any reason. Once one is awakened to how absurd man made authority really is, it becomes more uncomfortable and downright distressing to watch and listen to the sheer egomania that some people possess.


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